Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Clients


Dear Glenn and Jane,
The stars must of been aligned!
>Normally take vacation in August, this year had to change to July.
>By chance stopped and talked to you folks at the festival on Tuesday,
>hit it off right away
>Condo for sale on the floor and the view I wanted
By Friday at 3:00 you have it set up for me to view.
Friday at 4:00 we are writing an offer.
I remember saying" it's Friday the 13th" I'm not sure if I want to do it today.
Glenn you replied " Friday the 13th will become your lucky day"
Boy were you right! Not only did I get the condo, I met two incredible
people that went above and beyond to put me first. I am truly thankful
for everything you did that day and continue to do !!!!
I will stop by each time I visited the Island to say "HI" to my friends Glenn and Jane .
Thanks for everything!
Sherrie Patterson

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hilton Head Island and the Color Blue

“The color blue is one of the basic color terms, and one of the seven spectral colors that has a number of subcategories like navy (dark blue), cyan blue (blue/green), or sky blue (azure).” The word “blue” may refer to a feeling of sadness, but we are more inclined to think that it represents happiness, clear days and blue skies ahead.

We are surrounded by wonderful shades of blue that grace the skies and ocean of Hilton Head Island, its pristine beaches, harbours, golf courses and forests. This paradise with its semi-tropical weather allows us to wake up most mornings to brilliant blue skies shining through the trees. Sometimes there is an occasional cloud sketched in for slight alteration, but still the blue shines through.

Blue mixed in with the other colors of the spectrum create wonderful, breathtaking landscapes that add to the leisurely, laid-back lifestyle. Playing golf, reading a great book on the beach, riding the miles of bike trails, and taking photos to remember your visit provide you with a sense of calm and soothing nature. Reaching back in time, the music, whether it is the Blues, R & B, Jazz or from the tropics, it helps you remember the past when things were a little bit slower and simpler. This unique lifestyle restores a sense of well-being.

Paradise is “any place or state of great happiness.” You will find this happiness when you visit Hilton Head Island. All you have to do is cross over the bridge and you will experience this happiness. There is magic, trueness to this small town that is seen in the residents and the folks who visit. There is something about the fresh air, great food, and wonderful friends that you make here which are very special. Isn’t it time for you to come home to the Lowcountry?