Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas on Hilton Head Island

Twas the night before Christmas on Hilton Head Island

The egrets were singing and the dolphins were smiling.

The clam hogs were set on the deck for the night in hopes,

That St Nicholas would fill them just right.

The children were sleeping all snug in their cots,

With visions of hush puppies, shrimp and beautiful yachts.

And mom with her camera and I with my crab traps,

Had just settled in to view the sunset and have a little night cap.

When out over the marshes there rose such a commotion,

We jumped up on the dock to see what was going on in the ocean.

Down to the dingy we went with great speed,

And rowed out several yards to see what was coming indeed.

The moon rose up in the sky all brilliant and bright,

It caused the water to sparkle just right.

Out of the shadows appeared a beautiful sloop,

With eight happy little elves ready to deliver some loot.

The captain was hearty and round as can be,

With a wonderful, big laugh that was as musical as the sound of the sea.

It had to be St. Nick and his elves coming on to shore

To deliver presents to all.

Now Daniel & Daisy, Hunter & Hailey,

On Martin & Megan, Adam & Ashley.

Raise the sails of your Fishes,

To carry these wishes into the night

And deliver them before first light.

As they sailed through the sky as busy as bees,

They deliver the gifts to the homes,

That are sheltered by Grand Old Pine Trees.

Now that the task is complete,

Old Santa in the Sea summoned his fleet.

Back to the sloop,

It’s time to regroup.

All hands on deck, hoist the sails tall,

Old Santa in the Sea his Elves and all.

As they lift to the sky and sail through the night

You hear Merry Christmas to Hilton Head,

And to Hilton Head Good Night!!

JHH 12/2012 ©