Thursday, July 19, 2012

What’s In Your Hilton Head Island Beach Bag?

What’s In Your Hilton Head Island Beach Bag?

Before you answer this question you have to make sure that your bag has a logo on the outside. May we suggest that you choose one with: Hilton Head Island, Palmetto Dunes, Sea Pines, Camp Hilton Head or the Salty Dog. If you have one of these bags, you have arrived. Carrying one of these bags on the island or in states as far away as Texas generates easy introductions to various topics of conversation. (I’m getting off the subject a little, conversations is another topic).

Now you are ready to fill your beach bag with all the essentials that are needed for your trip to the beautiful pristine beaches of Hilton Head. Remember to pack your bag in such a way to retrieve the items as needed. Starting at the bottom of the bag place your water and snacks, then a great book and a deck of cards. Next place your Ipod (so that you can listen to music and not bother your neighbors), followed by your smart phone and camera. The next layer is for sunglasses, lotion and lip gloss. Then your adorable hat and last, but not least, your beautiful brightly colored towel.

Upon your arrival at the beach you pick out a prime location and unfold your color coordinated beach chair. Now you begin the task of removing the items in your beach bag and settling in to enjoy a wonderful day of relaxation. You are relaxed because of the wonderful weather and everything in your beach bag is placed exactly where you need it.

All you have to do now is place the key for your newly rented or purchased house or condo in the bottom of your beach bag so that you can retrieve it when you are ready to leave.

See you at the beach!